Mrs. World 2017 Contestant Melissa Seow To Save Million Lives With New Initiative

Tue Nov 14, 2017 - 12:24pm GMT+0000

Melissa Seow has cofounded the non-profit BloodGo to help save the lives of women during pregnancy and childbirth by facilitating real-time, on-demand blood drives and donations.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November 14, 2017 was officially launched today with a mission to save lives in developing countries by helping doctors get donations of the right blood type to the right people at the right time. The website aims to create a crowdsourcing blood donation platform to help save lives with real-time, on-demand blood drives and donations. 99% of the 500,000 deaths during pregnancy and childbirth in developing countries are due to hemorrhaging, which requires emergency blood transfusions to mitigate. The initiative was created in response to this crisis.

The non-profit startup will raise awareness and increase communication around the issue, as well as providing a blood request and matching platform, with an emphasis on rare blood types. They will also help crowdsource donations for specific blood types during crises, to help NGOs and Hospitals get the blood they need when faced by a large-scale emergency.

The project is backed by a highly skilled team of technical engineers, digital marketers, doctors and lawyers, all of whom are committed to making a real and lasting impact in the world. The site is live in Malaysia and is available internationally. The team has already promoted the initiative to the National Blood Bank and more than fifteen different hospitals. They have even created a student care-ambassador scheme for universities, encouraging social influencers to recruit donors.

BloodGO is sustaining itself through a novel means of fundraising: the donation of cryptocurrency. The site utilizes 20% of visitors’ browser computing power to solve crypto puzzles and generate cryptocurrency. This is then transformed into material funds to sustain the community social responsibility project. 20% processor power is less than the Google Maps GPS app uses on a mobile phone, so visitors shouldn’t the usage when they donate their processor power, contributing to the success of the initiative.

BloodGO is also seeking investment and corporate partners with shared values to help them reach out to more people, through more efficient technology, more expansive networking, marketing to increase awareness, and the recruitment of the best talent.

BloodGo was co-founded by Melissa and Jarod Law & ST Hong, the leaders of MyDoc Asia – an award-winning community medical support network. Experts in their relative fields who share a common interest, they wish to use that expertise to create a real and lasting impact to people’s everyday lives.

As well as being crowned Mrs. Borneo World 2017, scheduled to compete at Mrs. World 2017 on 16th December 2017, Melissa is a digital entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in online marketing. She founded the project with an ambitious goal: to help save one million lives in 5 years.

When discussing BloodGo, Cofounder Melissa Seow explained, “I believe in serving my community. I wanted to create a Pay-It-Forward community scheme that teaches kindness, compassion and understanding. That means leading by example. My cofounders and I strongly believe in utilizing our expertise to make a difference in the world. My vision to save a million lives over the next 5 years through BloodGo is ambitious, but I believe ambition is best placed when used for the benefit of those most in need.”

About BloodGo: is the world’s first real-time blood request and donation network. The site has been created to connect people-in-need for specialty blood with blood donation event organizers and blood donors, by matching and notifying the blood donors based on their ABO blood group and preferred notification location. The site aims to help save a million lives in five years, making a real difference in developing countries, and in times of crisis. For more information please visit: