Meet the Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist, Daniel Duminy

Tue May 12, 2020 - 11:45am GMT+0000

Dan is currently working on an EP and an Album. He plans on releasing the EP sometime this year. The 12 song album will be here at the end of 2020 or start or 2021.

Los Angeles, CA – May 12, 2020

From a young age, Daniel Duminy @realdanduminy was always musically influenced. He loved drums, guitar and anything he could make a noise with. Many compared him to Justin Bieber, as at the time both of them had similar hair. He became inspired by Justin and in first grade, Dan performed as Justin in a school play. The feeling of performing really gave him a love for music. Nowadays, Daniel is a huge fan of old school rap, specifically the artist Tupac for what he did with poetry and music.

Although Daniel has always loved music, he wasn’t always certain that was the path for him. From a stint as a professional racecar driver to shooting and editing the vlogs and music videos of rappers like Nasty C, Dan has been busy. But now he’s committed to taking his talents behind the microphone instead, with the release of his new single “Vision.”

Big Dreams Are Just the Start – Dan believes that mindset is important when creating music. “Sometimes you can finish a song in 1 day and other times it can take weeks. You also need to focus on the process rather than how people react to your music. That’s the most important thing,” says Dan.

Dan also believes that it’s important to have a great team behind you. His team is always supportive, and mentors like Nasty C are providing great guidance.

Dans advice to someone newly starting in the music game would be to stay true and confident in your beliefs. Understand what you are capable of and be consistent. If you set goals you need to work and achieve them.

He really wants people to know that if you set your mind to something you love with all your heart you can definitely achieve it.

A Unique Voice – Dan is definitely a unique artist. He’s from South Africa, and his accent gives him a unique sound that helps him stand out. Where he comes from is truly humbling and we’re excited to watch where his career goes from here on out.

He wants to be known for making music that people can relate to. Dan wants his legacy to be great, a legacy that never dies and music that carries on for years and years.

The Turning Point – Like we said before, Daniel wasn’t always certain that he wanted to pursue music. It was late 2018 when Dan realized that he was ready to commit to music. He was coming to a conclusion with his racing career, and put his faith in God to guide him on where to go next. Dan knew that he wanted to perform at a young age, but he never had the confidence. And now he’s taking that step out of his comfort zone to pursue what he’s always wanted.

Dan’s biggest success came when he started helping rappers and other artists in the game and realized he didn’t want to be behind the camera. But he wanted to have a career like theirs. He decided to move to LA in order to make a name for himself in the American market. After gaining 200 thousand Instagram followers since moving to Los Angeles, Dan knew he made the right move.

Upcoming EP and Album – Dan is currently working on an EP and an Album. He plans on releasing the EP sometime this year. The 12 song album will be here at the end of 2020 or start or 2021.

The teen has big plans to tour the world, visit his fans and perform his music live to show his appreciation. That’s his dream and we’re excited to watch him make it happen.

More details about Dan’s journey can be found on his Instagram.


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