Luxelife9: Marilyne Nix Reveals Her Success Story and Helping others with tools to succeed

Tue May 26, 2020 - 7:15am GMT+0000

Marilyne Nix is a social media influencer and entrepreneur who focusses on helping women become independent by become an influencer themselves.

United States – May 26, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Growing up, at a very young age, Marilyne Nix was around entertainment and politics. This led her to her first lemonade stand at six years old selling $2.00 lemonades and starring as a cute kid in a season of “The Bozo Show”. She knew that was her life, and the more she was around it, the more she wanted it.

She was always around her parent’s friends, older business owners who lived a very posh and jet setting life. Marilyne had a spoilt upbringing, but she wasn’t born into a jet setting lifestyle. She knew that being around it and getting used to it would make it her own life. Once she finally achieved it, Marilyne decided, it’s time to show other women how to live the same life.

She has been in the fashion and beauty industry since she was a teenager. She went to school and worked with the biggest names in the business internationally. Once social media became a thing, she jumped on the bandwagon ahead of time and learned every trick and trade out there and has made herself a brand. During the last five years, she has been helping others make a name and career for themselves. Marilyne started LuxeLife9 to help women become independent.

LuxeLife9 empowers and coaches people on how to grow their Instagram and make money by collaborating with brands. But that’s not limited to only coaching how to build an Instagram account. LuxeLife9 also promotes how capable women can be as their own boss and staying fab in slaying every goal in their lives by sharing beauty tips that she learned in the beauty industry. LuxeLife9 helps them build their own business and get what they want and be the best they can be.

She was quoted as saying, “Even with the success that I now have, my experiences as an entrepreneur was never that smooth. There were ups and downs, and at one point, I doubted my decisions. But as I went through my journey as an entrepreneur, I kept the passion for every goal I had. I stayed diligent and kept a positive perspective. I learned that it is important to challenge yourself and face your fears in every step that you take rather than doubting your decisions. Make it as a motivation, and you will surely learn a lot from it, especially if you are an aspiring business individual”.

Being around business-minded people at a very young age also helped Marilyne on her journeys with LuxeLife9, noted that the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already successful. Building a great team is also a very important key to a successful business. She hires based on character and values, with the mindset that she can always train someone on skills, but can’t make someone’s values fit her company. And one of the most important things that had kept her on track in achieving success is by knowing exactly what her goal is. She sets her goals and reminds herself of them each day.

Now that most people around the world spend most of their time in Social Media, it has become a great way to market a brand. Marilyne, who decided to jump on the bandwagon ahead of time when social media become a thing and learned everything that she needs to learn about it made her successful in the industry.

For Marilyne and LuxeLife9, Social Media is an essential piece of business marketing strategy and a very effective one since social media platforms help connect with customers more quickly, increase awareness about the brand, and boost leads and sales. With more than three billion people worldwide using social media every month, it’s no passing trend. It has the power to increase customer loyalty and helps build stronger customer relationships.

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