LED Lighting Market Globally is Prospective to Outstrip US$ 100 Billion by the End of Year 2024

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Dallas, United States – December 26, 2017

“Global LED Lighting Market and Forecast By Applications, Regions and Companies” provides, wherever applicable and relevant, technical data of products, and sheds useful light on expected commercial production dates and current R&D status. This report will help the viewer in Better Decision Making.

Global LED lighting market is expected to surpass more than US$ 100 Billion by the end of year 2024. The massive transformation of LED lighting from conventional lighting is happening due to advancement of its features like efficiency, durability, Environmental-friendly and cost effectiveness. All these features of LED lighting is widely recognized and adopted by household, government organisation, industrial sector and commercial segment.

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Types of LED Lighting Market:
1. Residential LED Lighting
2. Office LED Lighting
3. Retail/Shop LED Lighting
4. Hospitality LED Lighting
5. Industrial LED Lighting
6. Outdoor LED Lighting
7. Architectural LED Lighting

Regions Covered in the Report:
1. Europe
2. North America
3. Asia
4. Latin America
5. Middle East & Africa

BRIC countries covered in the Report:
• Brazil
• Russia
• India
• China

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Key Player covered in the Report:
• MLS Co Ltd.
• Philips Lighting
• Osram
• Cree Inc.
• Foshan Electrical & Light

Scope of the Report:
1. Global LED Lighting Market & Forecast: We have defined global LED lighting market by adding all defined regions. Market historical data taken from 2011 to 2016 and forecast from 2017 to 2024.
2. Global LED Lighting Market Share: Report provides global LED lighting market share by Application, by Region and by Companies.
3. Global LED Lighting Market by Application: We have segmented the LED Lighting market into seven applications which are Residential, Office, Retail/Shop, Industrial, Hospitality, Outdoor and Architectural.
4. Global LED Lighting Market by Region: The report consists of five regions: Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

Global LED lighting market is segmented into seven parts by application: Residential application, Office application, Retail/Shop application, Hospitality application, Industrial application, Outdoor application and Architectural application. The market is also categorized by five regions: Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Asia is one of important destination for LED lighting market and has captured highest market share in global LED lighting market.

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Major Points from TOC:
1. Executive Summary
2. Global LED Lighting Market Analysis – (2011 – 2024)
3. Market Share Analysis – Global LED Lighting
4. By Application – Global LED Lighting Market
5. By Region – Global LED Lighting Market
6. BRIC Countries – LED Lighting Market
7. Public Procurement of Led Lighting in European Union Member States
8. Growth Factors (Due to data confidentiality, growth factors have not been disclosed in this table of contents)
9. Key Challenges (Due to data confidentiality, challenges have not been disclosed in this table of contents)
10. Key Players Analysis

Energy Independence and Climate Change Concern of many Countries enforces towards Paradigm Shift with LEDs Lighting
Rising electricity prices, increasing concern over climate change and great desire of countries to be energy independent are propelling global lighting market into highly-efficient LEDs light sources. In most region of the world, the government has taken significant steps to promote LED lighting like banning incandescent bulb and giving subsidies to the LED lighting manufacturers. Many countries procure LED lighting products like street lighting and several others specialized LEDs lighting for the government organization.

Decreasing Price of LEDs make it Affordable and Cost-Effective
Gradual decreasing prices of LEDs lighting over last five year has increased the penetration rate of Global LED lighting market to a great extent and further this trend will continue in anticipated year till 2019. The adoption of LED lighting in several applications like residential, office, industrial, architectural, Retail shop and so on has increased and it is expected that LED lighting industry will outperform in anticipated year. The initial cost of LED lighting is comparatively high to the traditional incandescents, energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogen incandescents and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). But it cost more cheaper in long-run for example typically use of LED lighting can take 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, thus saving money and can last 3-25 times longer.

Latest study report “Global LED Lighting Market & Forecast By Applications (Residential, Office, Retail/Shop, Hospitality, Industrial, Outdoor and Architectural) Regions (Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, BRIC) Companies (MLS Co Ltd., Philips Lighting, Osram, Cree Inc., Foshan Electrical & Light)” provides a detailed and comprehensive insight of the Global LED Lighting Market. This report studies the Global LED lighting market from 7 points.

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