Latest Announcement: QProfit System Expands Operational Capabilities

Fri Nov 17, 2017 - 3:15pm GMT+0000

The popular and authentic QProfit System by Jerry Douglas was further improved with an expansion of its trading capabilities. Now, clients of the platform can trade forex and CFDs. The license for using the technological software solution is still free-of-charge.

November 17, 2017

Automated trading systems constantly improve and enhance their capabilities in order to keep up with the competition. With the expansions of the online trading world, the properties of robots followed the same fashion. The portfolios and tradeable assets increased significantly, more derivatives for trading got included in the list of opportunities of the most popular automated platforms. This is done not only to keep the competitive advantage trading software already have through the autopilot capabilities but also to answer the expectations of their current and potential clients.

Earlier in 2017, Jerry Douglas released his automated trading software QProfit System that showed a lot of potential and attracted significant attention. Jerry Douglas is a professional financier who established his company in cooperation with co-founder Sasha Petroshenko – a software developer with experience in the creation of forecasting algorithms and quantum computing technology.

Soon after the initial release of their state-of-the-art robot, global investigators affirmed the system to be one of the best and most reliable authentic software solutions for carrying out investment processes on autopilot. This and the fact that the software had been fully optimized to support the investment experience of both professionals and novices alike, attracted numerous clients onto the platform.

After the first six months since the release of the automated platform, creator Jerry Douglas shared his hope of further development and enhancement of the system’s capabilities. “Our expert team will further optimize the software in order to answer latest investment trends and the constantly evolving preferences and needs of investors”, shared Douglas.

As planned, the auto-trading robot underwent changes utilizing innovative technological advancements that aimed at expanding the capabilities of Douglas’ tech trading product. Current as well as new clients of the QProfit System can now trade forex and CFDs under the financial derivatives supported by the software. Investors are going to find the most popular and lucrative investment assets available in the online trading industry.

The success rate and accuracy of this innovative product have again been confirmed to average at the 93% mark. This confirmation of abilities has kept the platform among the leading auto-trading solutions operating in the industry. Despite the fact that the system has undergone a significant technological change and improvement, access to its capabilities is still provided for free. Current and future users of the QProfit System are not required to make additional payments to use the upgrades.

The only requirement to be covered on part of investors is to have investment capital in their account balance to keep the system operating. This investment capital is either auto-allocated by the autopilot of the software between potentially successful trade, or manually distributed among the individual trades by the investor when using the platform in manual mode.

Clients of the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas can sign up to open an account and claim a free license. After that, an initial deposit has to be made – the minimum amount is $250 and this is the capital that is going to be allocated among trades.

Jerry Douglas has expressed the hope of further enhancing the capabilities of their software so that the system can gain the reputation of the best auto-trading robot in an industry that is overly saturated with automated solutions. “We are looking forward to establishing ourselves as the providers of the best online investment service”, shared Douglas during the announcement of the latest improvements of QProfit System.

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