Korean healthcare startup Humanscape raises seed investment from Mashup Angels

Mon Mar 6, 2017 - 8:50am GMT+0000

Humanscape, a Korean healthcare startup providing mobile concierge solutions for beauty clinics, on February 28, made an announcement that it has received an undisclosed seed investment from Mashup Angels, an early startup angel network and accelerator.

Humanscape, founded just last March, is a healthcare startup that provides customer management solutions for beauty clinics such as cosmetic surgery and dermatology clinics. Apart from doctor’s medical activities, the startup’s goal is to innovate the entire hospital operation using IT technology.

Its flagship product “Helen” is a customer management solution that acts as a medical assistant for patients, allowing patients to view personalised information, such as prescription drug information, follow-up visit dates, and post-operative notes, in addition to information regarding the surgery which will help eliminate patients’ uncertainties and anxieties.

At present, seven out of ten patients who have received or are currently receiving beauty care services are dissatisfied with the aftercare of the clinics. This makes clinical post-operation solutions a 27 trillion won industry and continuous innovation and development are taking place through collaboration with various healthcare startups.

While large hospitals invest extensively on patient management, 96.2% of the small and medium hospitals still use excel and paper charts for patient management.

As a result of a pilot test for Gangnam Dream Plastic Surgery, 25 percent additional patients revisited the clinics with the implementation of “Helen” which has been given an overall satisfaction point of 9.2 out of 10. Besides, the monthly text transmission cost of the clinic was also reduced by 160,000 won.

On a business viewpoint, Humanscape is providing the basic functionality of the app for free, but it charges a fee on a module-by-module basis whenever the hospital uses an additional feature. The application currently brings in a profit on average of about 500,000 won (about US$430) per hospital monthly.

“Helen will become a necessary solution for beauty clinics around the world, as it directly contributes to improved sales by not only enhancing hospital operation efficiently but also encouraging its customers to revisit the clinic,” said Humanscape’s CEO Jang Min Hoo.

Designed to go beyond basic PC-oriented customer management and seamlessly allowing customer management through mobile devices, Humanscape plans to expand its influence to the Southeast Asian market in the future. Though it has already concluded business agreements with Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Commenting on the investment, Mashup Angels Partner In Sanghyuk said, “The reason for our investment is because Helen is able to satisfy both consumers and hospitals at the same time. Its function of providing various contents for increasing safety and satisfaction of beauty healthcare consumers has played a big role in determining its extensive growth potential.”

Based on the experience and data gathered from the pilot test for plastic surgery mobile aftercare service, Humanscape plans to launch their improved Helen beta service this month.

By Vivian Foo, VCNewsNetwork