Kidgy Launches Family Assistant App on iPhone To Help Busy Parents

Wed Jul 5, 2017 - 2:30am GMT+0000

Kidgy is a new mobile app that saves parents’ time by checking on their kids remotely as well as taking care of their online safety. It has parental control and monitoring capabilities, together with additional features to make a family work.

Kidgy Launches Family Assistant App on iPhone To Help Busy Parents

Phoenix, Arizona, United States – July 4, 2017

Kidgy is a new kind of parental monitoring app, designed to help parents spare some time by checking on their kids remotely as well as keep them safe from the dangers coming out online. Kidgy is already available on the Google Play Store, and today is being released for iPhone.

The Kidgy Digital Family Assistant is very different from the typical parental controls presented on a phone, and it needs to be. Nowadays, on average, teens spend 5 hours and 38 minutes online every day and 41% of pre-teen children own smartphones. This ‘digital childhood’ requires measures to protect kids’ safety, herewith allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the Internet use.

Kidgy allows parents to check quickly on their kids’ activity and current GPS location, instead of annoying them with calls and text messages. It also has a scheduler feature that allows parents to set tasks, like “do a homework” and see when they are done. Parents can block their kids’ internet activity for learning hours or bed time, restrict apps, and filter the internet browsing to block inappropriate content. The app also includes a panic button for kids to click in case of emergencies. It sends an alert notification with a precise location of the child directly to the parent.

Vera Petryk, a CMO at explained: “Kidgy is unique among parental apps, as it allows parents to save time by checking on their kids’ online and offline activity remotely as well as interact with them within the app itself. We wanted to change the way monitoring is viewed, and that’s why we created the digital family assistant. The icon is visible on the phone so children know it is there, and parents can keep calm knowing that their child is protected and has discipline when using a smartphone. Parents receive all information in a form of one-page report straight to their smartphones, which also simplifies app usage. Kidgy is now looking for a brand ambassador – a successful, tech savvy parent looking to simplify their life with an optimized app. As we launch Kidgy on App Store, we look forward to hearing from parents.”

About Kidgy: Kidgy is a mobile app designed for parental usage, serving as a digital family assistant. This assistant is feature-rich and enables parents to monitor test messages and getting around; filter the internet browsing, block calls, list contacts, apps. It helps manage successful study life by creating notifications for tasks like homework and chores. The app’s mission is to make busy parents’ life easier to exercise successful parenthood.

Contact Info:
Name: Vera Petryk
Organization: Kidgy Digital Family Assistant
Address: Suite 1,4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE, UK
Phone: 13239772847