Key Credit Repair Launches New Website

Mon Apr 16, 2018 - 9:00am UTC

The top-rated credit repair service offers solutions for individuals who have negative or incorrect information on their credit history. An unlimited number of disputed items can be removed permanently and completely.

Boston MA – April 16, 2018

Key Credit Repair is pleased to announce that they have solutions and fixes for an unlimited number of negative items in the client’s credit file. All three of the major credit agencies are repaired for a single flat fee. There are methods to use credit repair techniques which the firm can use effectively. A higher credit score will affect many areas of daily life, including employment, loans, purchase of a home and even the price of insurance coverage.

On an average, clients for the credit restoration services achieve a ninety point credit score improvement in ninety days or less. The professionals at KCR fix an unlimited negative item. Clients are able to track the progress toward an improved credit score on the customer portal. Whether a credit-granting institution has turned down the borrower due to low scores, or the individual is preparing to apply for a mortgage with the best possible interest rates, Key has the solutions to achieve positive results.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “We are ready to work with you through each and every credit issue you may have. We can offer a free consultation to go over the credit profile. We look at each line of the credit profile in order to better understand what is causing the bad credit scores. Each credit situation is unique, and attention to detail is the key to fixing the credit scores. Using our tried and tested technique of repairing your credit, we can bring your rating back to where you want it in no time at all.”

There are several steps which Key Credit usually follows in order to improve the history of a client. The initial step is to review the credit history report to look for negative items such as collections, charge-offs, tax liens, judgments and late payments that may be hurting the score. Letters are then prepared to each of the three major credit agencies (Transunion, Experian, and Equifax). These letters include documentation for disputes, appeals, validation requests and goodwill interventions.

The client can monitor the progress online in order to see the results and see the improving score. These steps are repeated periodically until the client is satisfied with the final result.

Contact Info:
Name: Hite Digital
Organization: Key Credit Repair
Address: 177 Huntington Avenue Suite 1703 #50552, Boston MA 02115-3153
Phone: (617) 265-7900

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