Inc.Com Highlights Young Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Stunt That Made Him Millions

Wed Jun 13, 2018 - 8:30am UTC

The prestigious magazine used the organic skincare founder’s ingenious 3-minute American Idol audition as a success plan for other aspiring business owners.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – June 13, 2018

Inc Magazine has become a leader in helping entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners become successful. Highlighting the do’s and don’ts for success, landing a simple mention from them can gain major respect and authority for any business.

Ryan Zamo, the creator and founder of Z Skin Cosmetics was profiled on Inc.Com for his out-of-the-box actions that lead to millions-of-dollars in sales. The article titled, “Learn How 1 CEO Built a Multimillion-Dollar Company After a 3-Minute Audition on ‘American Idol’, pointed out how the 28-year-old leveraged his lack of singing ability to promote his brand. Written by Carol Sanker, the author wrote, “He turned his three-minute opportunity into a genius sales pitch”.

The article continues on to point out the execution of his marketing stunt and how Zamo used his time on the show to gain marketing that small businesses usually just cant afford, mentioning “A platform such as American Idol presents the kind of publicity that offers a very high ROI and is almost impossible to buy as a small business owner. With millions of eyes watching, Ryan’s confidence to approach the judges and make the sale was genius. “

With Zamo’s strategic move that brought in millions in sales, Inc.Com used his marketing strategy as a roadmap to success. And after using a little bit of creativity to gain massive exposure for his organic skincare products, the young entrepreneur not only skyrocketed his sales, but landed a coveted spot on one of the top resources for small business owners.

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