IAIDL To Compete as AIMA Tool Among Big Industry Names in the Peacock Fintech and Banks Award

Mon Apr 4, 2022 - 4:00am GMT+0000

United States of America – March 22, 2022

Bringing its best foot forward, the International AI Driving Licence (IAIDL) is set to compete against PWC, Mckinsey, and other renowned international organizations in the Peacock Fintech and Banks Award. Being the most influential Fintech and Bank Award in the Middle East, Peacock Fintech and Banks Award is designed to honor outstanding products, innovations, most trusted financial brands, C.E.Os, etc. IADL is signing up for the Peacock world fintech summit because it meets the criterion for participation, ” to deliver great customer outcomes that have positive impact and engagement through creativity and effective strategies.”

In one of the award categories, Peacock Award stretches an opportunity for companies who utilize AI technologies, explore the possibilities embedded in artificial intelligence, and create outstanding results through AI to compete. In this regard, IADL is participating as AIMA (Artificial Intelligence and FMT Maturity Assessment) tool against leading names in the artificial intelligence industry for the BEST AI TECHNOLOGY OF TRANSFORMATION award category. Interested participants are required to submit their entries on time, as submissions for any of the award categories will be closed on the 15th of March, 2022.

AIMA is a product of IADL that serves as the only AI assessment tool compatible with the EFQM model. AIMA consists of frameworks and tools that facilitate the transformation of all enterprises. The tool is beneficial to organizations in the aspect of developing and implementing policy-based initiatives around AI and FMT. It helps organizations assess their strategies, solid investments, and innovations. With AIMA, organizations can weave AI and FMT tools into their DNA. These tools will, in turn, help them optimize their operations, generate and process accurate data, build a more robust and productive team, assess ROI, maintain best practices, and assess key stakeholders. AIMA serves as a manual for evaluating an organization’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, agility, security, and potential values. It also helps them align data with the Global AI index for optimum performance.

IAIDL understands that the process of planning and executing an Industry 4.0 transformation roadmap is tedious; that is why it has created the best transformational tool and robust frameworks to help organizations achieve their ultimate goals. Established in June 2016, IADL is an American International research and innovation program that explores the potentials of AI and FMT to enhance global competitiveness. Through its Basic and Advanced level certification programs, it helps organizations gain recognition in the world of technology. It also equips organizations and individuals with the resources to assess, build, and certify their competencies in AI and FMT usage. In addition, it teaches them to compare their practices with recognized global standards.

“AIMA is leading practice in transforming banking sector and IAIDL position themselves among the top 4 companies,” said an organization’s spokesperson.

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