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Mon Mar 21, 2022 - 6:48pm GMT+0000

Diest,Belgium – March 16, 2022

i3-Technologies talked about how intelligent interactive whiteboards are gaining popularity in companies and schools across the globe, and are becoming more useful for corporate presentations, meetings, team-building exercises, training, and brainstorming sessions, among other applications. If the prospect of incorporating cutting-edge technology into an organization excites you, continue reading to learn more about smart interactive whiteboards.

A Smart Interactive Whiteboard is a wonderful tool for engaging students and enhancing learning for instructors. It’s a flat panel display with a touch-sensitive surface, video projector, and a computer interface that can be mounted on a classroom wall.

Its function is software-dependent, but in general, if the device has a capacitive screen, it may be used to write or draw on with a stylus or finger. Additionally, software that enables picture projection onto the IWB may be installed. This is advantageous for showing graphics or videos related to the subject being taught or presented.

Additionally, intelligent interactive whiteboards might be beneficial for student presentations. A student may utilize the board to jot down and then display notes onto the screen to show the class. The learner may then “draw” over their notes using their finger, which enhances learning by more actively incorporating tactile senses in the process.

An interactive whiteboard differs from a standard whiteboard in that it is impervious to ink and wet-erase markers. As a result, users may write on it with a dry-erase pen, just as they would a standard whiteboard.

Interactive whiteboards may be used with any device that has a USB port or as a standard whiteboard. The interactive whiteboards can be linked to the internet, which allows instructors to wirelessly project information from any device. Using the interactive whiteboard’s touch screen in combination with a laser pointer, instructors may create an engaging classroom environment in which students engage in conversations rather than looking out into space.

There are two primary kinds of interactive smart whiteboards available today, the first involving permanent installation. This type of board is intended for schools and is mounted on the wall using pre-drilled holes.

A portable interactive whiteboard is the other major type. These boards are identical to the first kind in appearance, but they do not have pre-drilled holes and mounts. Although these boards must be attached to a wall by the user, they provide more mobility for instructors who often move about their classrooms during classes or speeches.

i3-Technologies is a market leader in interactive technologies for group collaboration and education worldwide. i3-Technologies enables customers to maximize the value of their current technology by developing flexible solutions that meet their customers’ unique requirements. Innovative solutions from i3-Technologies connect the digital and analogue worlds, providing customers with technology that is simple to use and integrate into their current infrastructure. They seek to build spaces that foster human connection via the use of their interactive and integrated solutions.

To learn more about interactive whiteboards or to read about other products and services offered by i3-Technologies, visit the following URL: https://www.i3-technologies.com/en/

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