Hyena Hype Club Community Hits a 30,000 Follower Milestone

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 8:48am GMT+0000

United States – March 18, 2022

Among thousands of new NFT projects that have entered the scene in the past months, none stand out as Hyena Hype Club – a collection of 8,999 exquisite Hyenas hand-designed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

With art by Disney & Pixar artists, as well as an abundance of innovative designs and ideas in the pipeline, Hyena Hype Club set out to disrupt the NFT industry with tokens that offer both utility and value.

“Designed by our Netflix & Disney artist, each Hyena will feature royalties and exclusive rewards to each member. All Hyena Hype club members will gain access to exclusive events worldwide and access to an elevated community and lifestyle. With Mutation planned ahead for our collection, our project is anticipated to be one of the top real projects in the NFT market,” said Hyena Hype Club project leaders.

Hyena Hype Club has reached an important milestone in its progression, developing a healthy community that has just eclipsed 30,000 members. As the project’s founders have stated, building a healthy community “is a vital key.” The HHC network is expanding daily, welcoming new entrepreneurs, NFT collectors, and crypto enthusiasts from all four corners of the globe.

Moreover, the rarity of Hyenas has been disclosed via Ranking listings, indicating that 50% of the collection will be comprised of Matriline Hyenas, 30% of Alphas, and 20% of Genesis Hyenas.

The first minting stage has been finalized, hosting 1,000 Genesis Hyenas, which amounts to half of the Genesis NFTs in the entire Hyena Hype Club collection. As the most valuable, most rare, and most sought-after NFTs in the HHC metaverse, Genesis hyenas offer 10% royalties to their owners, as well as weekly Loyalty tokens.

The project is diligently preparing for the second minting stage, mainly focusing on Matriline Hyena minting. During this event, 4,500 Hyenas are to be minted, including 500 Genesis NFTs, 1,000 Alpha, and 3,000 Matrilina Hyenas.

Hyena Hype Club members who have bought their tokens will have their NFTs revealed “a week after sellout,” according to the project’s leaders. Furthermore, they impart that the HHC team and founders will host an exclusive event in New York City to celebrate the reveal and the myriad of accomplishments as a community.

After minting and NFT reveal, Hyena Hype Club will continue to bring more innovations to the table, including Hyena Mutations, 3D Hyena distribution, as well as the much-anticipated integration of The Hype House – the Metaverse that will hold exclusive events for networking.

More information about Hyena Hype Club and the project’s roadmap are available on the Hyena Hype Club official website.

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