How Dating Expert Moe Abbassi Teaches Entrepreneurs To Get Out Of Social Isolation & Into Supportive Relationships

Wed May 20, 2020 - 7:03am GMT+0000

Healthy relationships are a cornerstone in achieving a happy, fulfilled life. So why do so many entrepreneurs isolate themselves from the opportunity to find love? This is where Moe Abbassi comes in.

Toronto, Canada – May 20, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

The world seems to be evolving in a way that creates a lot of stress, with the need to be constantly grinding and working towards business and financial goals. “What I was seeing more and more were guys who refused to be in relationships, because they had the belief that it would hold them back.” The secret that Moe has discovered is that success lies behind closed doors… “Guys tend to isolate themselves to extreme levels, which is why when they hit their business & financial goals, they are never as happy as they thought they’d be”. What Moe has discovered is that behind every great man, is an even greater woman.

Growing up, Moe experienced what a lot of guys won’t admit to anyone, even themselves. “I was as shy and awkward as it got. I had no confidence, and struggled to interact with anyone, let alone a girl”. However, Moe managed to turn this adversity to his advantage over the years, just by being observant. Watching how confident, forward people act towards each other worked out to be the perfect introduction to the world of dating through visual ‘advice’. Moe was able to model how confident people acted in specific situations, and through continuous application and practice, he far surpassed his greatest expectations for his love life.

“Confidence is something a lot of guys struggle with, which is one of the pillars of my coaching methods” stated Moe. Having spent 4 years learning exactly how to get that confidence to speak to or interact with members of the opposite sex, Moe has now been teaching his methods to six and seven figure entrepreneurs across the globe and as they say, the rest is history. According to Moe, a lot of entrepreneurs tend to stay in “grind mode”, where they hide behind their social isolation under the pretence of waiting for ‘that day’ to arrive, the day where they will have enough money, time or confidence to pursue a relationship.

Moe has made it his mission to get these high performing entrepreneurs out of their bubble, and on a path towards greater success, achievement and ultimately fulfillment. The truth is, if they had solid self-esteem, stopped lying to themselves about their social and intimate isolation, and started learning how to fit meeting the right women into their busy schedules, they would achieve a level of fulfillment far beyond what they thought possible. Moe has created his M.P.L Dating Accelerator, designed for the career driven, entrepreneurial males and not only teaches all one needs to know about escaping social isolation and how to meet, date and keep an amazing woman, it does it all in the short space of 12 weeks AND has an 87% success rate. The results speak for themselves.

The M.P.L Dating Accelerator is one of the most sought after dating programs on the market, and Moe is well on his way to achieving his goal of helping thousands of high performers get out of social isolation, and into supportive relationships.

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