Home Automation Firm Celebrates Two Decades In Operation

Mon Nov 20, 2017 - 11:15am GMT+0000

Home & Office Technologies offers low voltage wiring solutions for homes and businesses in the Wasatch Front since 1997. Home automation specialists can build the perfect space and enable customers to keep an eye on things remotely.

American Fork UT – November 20, 2017

Justin Fenn and Home & Office Technologies are pleased to announce that the home automation firm has reached a milestone of two decades in business in the area. As a skilled and experience low voltage wiring firm doing business in the Wasatch Front since 1997, the professional team can handle a wide range of commercial and residential projects from home theater installation to training facility set-up. By including Control4 automation features, customers can keep an eye on things from anywhere.

Computer networks, multi-room sound systems, HDMI digital video, wireless internet and surround sound theater wiring are all available to be designed, installed and integrated by the world-class team of professionals. The installations are clean and organized to make efficient use of space. The systems are created to stay up and to run. The design specialists ensure that the finished results are solutions for maximum durability and scalability.

According to Justin Fenn, “H&O can provide, install, and manage all of your communication system needs from basic phone service to intercoms. If you have a growing home or business, H&O can provide scalable solutions that expand your needs and give your home office a true corporate presence. If you are tired of the battle between phone and internet service or managing who gets to use the internet, let us show you how you can have phone and internet service, anywhere in your business.”

From a simple peer-to-peer network or an integrated server room, the pros at Home & Office Technologies can provide the necessary components and skills to build or expand a network. The products and services include full automation, home theaters, and touch lighting installation. The pros can also install sound systems and central vacuum systems. A customized system which connects lighting, security, audio and video, heating and air, showers, tubs, draperies and many other household features are available with the touch of a few buttons.

Contact Info:
Name: Justin Fenn
Organization: Home & Office Technologies
Address: P.O Box 741, American Fork UT 84003
Phone: (801) 367-3407