Global Tech Investment Group BRANDKER Mobilizes eBrand Digital Transformation Movement

Wed Nov 8, 2017 - 8:15am GMT+0000

The time has come for businesses to transition to digital, and Brandker is organizing the first ever ASEAN eBrand & Capital Movement to help businesses understand the opportunities they’re missing.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November 8, 2017

Brandker has announced the inaugural ASEAN eBrand & Capital Movement, which will champion the digital transformation of traditional businesses. The tech investment group will cover the latest business trends, eBranding strategies and capital fundraising opportunities available through digital disruption, to enable businesses to become game changers, before the game changes without them.

The theme of the ASEAN eBrand & Capital Movement is Transforming Traditional Businesses to Digital. The event will be essential to entrepreneurs, business owners and traditional SMEs looking to attract angel investors and venture capitalists.

The event will provide attendees with unique insights from industry experts, those on the leading edge of current business trends, and those revolutionizing digital branding. Individuals will learn how to create a disruptive business model, how branding is essential in their fundraising journey, and how to best prepare for fundraising stages, to seize the funding opportunities present in today’s Digital Era.

Keynotes at the event will include:

1. The Next Wave in ASEAN Branding Landscape
Prof. Dato’ Dr. Jayles Yeoh
BRANDKER’s Advisor on ASEAN Investment Relations, the CEO of ASIAMET Executive Education, and the Vice President of ASEAN Retail & Franchise Federation will prepare businesses for the future, explaining the latest projections and implications.

2. From Branding to eBranding & Business Digital Transformation
Matthew Chong
The International Business & Branding Coach, Founder & Group CEO of BRANDKER and Top Nominee for 2015 Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, will discuss the unique strategies and approaches, as well as the new guiding perspectives and paradigms necessary to compete in the digital era.

3. Fundraising in the Digital Era
Ng Kee Peng
The Director of Investment & IPO Strategy of BRANDKER, a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years’ experience advising businesses, has successfully listed four companies in the professional service sector and commercial sector. In his talk, he will reveal the unique opportunities for raising investment through digital, brand-oriented strategies.

In the 20th century, having a strong product or service could often allow businesses to incrementally grow their success, until the time came that long-standing reputation became a brand asset and attracted the attention of investors. In the 21st century, the overcrowded and highly competitive market makes branding & capital strategy essential for SMEs to survive. Hard work is essential to survival, but smart work is essential to success, and in the digital realm, disruption is the smartest strategy.

This requires Business Digital Transformation (BDT), a new system offered by Brandker. They will help businesses to master digitalization and disruption, while resolving these new facets with the current business. This new, hybrid business model will keep the ambitions and core values of the traditional business while using digital and technology based platforms to deliver it more efficiently and successfully. Brandker will manage, monitor and drive the development of this new digital business, including matching the new business with investors.

A spokesperson for Brandker explained, “Today, traditional businesses are under constant attack from competitors and tech-savvy disruptors. We value traditional businesses very deeply, and we understand that they oftentimes make better investments in the long term. That’s why we want to help these businesses master digital disruption and fight back using the same successful tools and approaches as those invading their space. By rethinking and reinventing their business to match the digital era, we ensure they are ready to dominate the market of tomorrow.”

The BDT programme will be launched during the ASEAN eBrand & Capital Movement. Below are the event details:

Date: November 18, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 9:30am – 2:30pm
Venue: Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and traditional SMEs who are interested in attending the ASEAN eBrand & Capital Movement can secure your seat here.

About Brandker: BRANDKER is a Global Tech Investment Group, which focuses on Education, Consultancy and Investment for Tech Startups, as well as helping Traditional Businesses transform to Digital for further growth in the Asian Markets. BRANDKER believes in creating value through entrepreneurship, bringing great ideas to life so they can make a difference. They connect local entrepreneurs with global network, resources, funding and education. They accelerate growth and provide support to passionate business owners through education & investment. Their aim is to empower entrepreneurs to achieve international brand success. For more information please visit: