Galaxy Holdings, Puji Capital announces joint venture platform to back foreign businesses in Shenzhen

Tue Jan 3, 2017 - 8:00am GMT+0000

Galaxy Holdings, Puji Capital announces joint venture platform to back foreign businesses in Shenzhen

Asia-based investment group Puji Capital and China-based property developer Galaxy Holdings has recently announced a joint venture agreement to create a new economic and business region in Shenzhen.

With this partnership, the two companies will be providing direct investments and act as a business incubator for foreign startups to expand in China and other high-growth markets in Asia.

This new joint venture platform is also projected to spark innovation and bridge cross-border business cooperation between China and Western countries through investment and business support.

Commenting on the deal, the CEO of Galaxy Holdings, Yao Huiqiong said, “This new platform will create new jobs and economic benefits for the city and truly define Shenzhen as the new innovation capital for China and Western business.”

“As a Special Economic Zone that is only 30 minutes’ drive from Hong Kong, Shenzhen has the most developed infrastructure and business environment in the country to help companies reach full potential,” Yao added.

Additionally, the joint venture will also target and invest in more than 10 small to medium-sized Western growth companies in each of the three core industry sectors – mobile gaming, media technology, and consumer hardware

The two companies also aim to develop separate joint ventures to enter and expand into China market, capitalise each on the rapidly growing Chinese consumer market, and establish strategic positions along the respective industry ecosystems.

“Shenzhen is already known as the epicenter of China’s booming internet, mobile, hardware, and new technology industries. With a population of 22 million, a leading growth rate among all the Tier 1 cities and the highest ratio of young professionals from 20 to 30 nationwide, Shenzhen is undoubtedly the most vibrant business city in China and positioned to be the Silicon Valley of the East,” Yao said.

Based in Shenzhen, the new innovation and business hub has already developed programmes with a preferred network of strategic partners across China for co-investments, commercial cooperation, distribution, and point of sale opportunities for Western companies the platform invests into.

“We are uniquely positioned in the market as we have participated in various cross-border investments and provided related advisory between China and the West for over 15 years,” said Alex Szeto, the Investment Director at Puji Capital.

“We have seen nearly every iteration of pitfalls and pain points for Western companies entering China,” he further explains. “So, now when we make direct investments into the US and Western companies coming to China, we can also provide a tailored and turnkey solution and strategy for success. Galaxy (Holdings) is a cornerstone brand name throughout China and we are beyond thrilled with this new venture with them.”

Founded in 1988, Galaxy Holdings is a China leading conglomerate which primarily focuses on businesses in four key areas — Real Estate, Industrial, Property Management, and Finance.

At present, the firm has a total asset scale over US$15 billion, with its real estate business expands throughout 13 cities across Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Circum-Bohai-Sea Region, and more.

By Vivian Foo, Unicorn Media