Foot Scientific Refines Specialty Orthotics Line

Thu Dec 21, 2017 - 12:45am UTC

Foot Scientific offers foot support for customers with flat feet, high arches and the need for heel support. The firm specializes in enhancing foot correction, comfort, and performance, with specialists in physical therapy, podiatry, and orthopedic surgery.

Draper UT – December 20, 2017

FootScientific and Chris Hughes are pleased to announce the development of their specialty orthotics line which is designed to offer remedies for flat feet, heel support and high arches. The products include Arches Orthotics and the Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace. Arches are the most effective alternative to custom orthotic products, while the Elevate Brace is discreet, effective and fully customizable. The professionals at Foot Scientific specialize in enhancing foot correction, comfort, and performance, with specialization in physical therapy, podiatry, and orthopedic surgery.

The principals in the center include Dr. Robert Faux, Orthopedic Surgeon; Dr. Greg Anderson, Podiatrist; and Greg Thorpe, Physical Therapist. The new line of specialty food products was developed over a ten year period. The research shows that the majority of foot deformities can be classified as one of three types. The features of the Arches Orthotics are designed to meet previously unmet contouring needs such as those typical to collegiate athletes. They have been applied successfully to the general population in order to achieve support, comfort, and correction.

Dr. Faux, innovative foot, and ankle surgeon uses the Elevate Drop Foot Brace as an inconspicuous and versatile device which is comfortable and durable. The brace can be worn with most shoe styles available in today’s market, both male and female. It is even compatible with sandals. For athletes and the general population, the specialized devices are able to reduce pain, prevent injury and enhance performance.

The combination of professional skills and specialties are effective for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. These include problems in the ankle, arch, ball, and heel of the feet. Techniques are also available for diabetic or neurological conditions, skin problems, and other foot conditions. Issues which affect the toes are also addressed. The orthotic devices are designed with many of the same features of custom products but are readily available from Foot Scientific.

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Name: Chris Hughes
Organization: Foot Scientific
Address: 76 W 13775 S #4 Draper UT 84020

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