Florida Chiropractor Jonathan Walker Explains The “Popping” Noise Heard When A Chiropractic Adjustment Is Done

Fri May 11, 2018 - 3:45pm UTC

Dr. Jonathan Walker offers information about the sounds of a chiropractic adjustment. According to a recent article posted by the chiropractor, the popping sounds are natural and normal.

Ocala FL – May 11, 2018

Florida Spine & Injury and Dr. Jonathan Walker DC Ocala chiropractor are pleased to announce the release of an informative new article on the reasons for the popping noise heard when a chiropractic adjustment is performed. In the short version, the popping noises are caused by tiny pockets of air taking in the form of fluid which surrounds the joints being released. The process is called Joint Cavitation. The article explains that the release of the gas found in tiny pockets is not something to be concerned about.

The chiropractor Ocala, Florida clinic offers a number of salient facts about the topic of chiropractic. The entire methodology is designed to provide pain relief of neck, back, and spinal column issues. The adjustments which the doctors provide also are utilized in improving overall health and wellness levels. Usually, the process begins with a manual adjustment of the spine. According to the article, the adjustment should only be done by a qualified and experienced chiropractor.

The doctor explains, “I have been practicing in Ocala for a decade now, and am proud to focus on the treatment of auto accident injuries, peripheral neuropathy, disc injuries and knee pain. I founded the multidisciplinary clinic in Marion County where chiropractors and medical physicians work together under a single roof. I have extensive post-graduate training in the field of whiplash, car accident injuries, ligament trauma and traumatic brain injury.”

A check of the many posted Florida Spine & Injury reviews will underscore the effectiveness of chiropractic procedures. The location of the center is convenient and the benefits of having medical practitioners and chiropractors in one location means less traveling and fewer lengthy trips for consultations. The doctors consult internally and are able to develop a therapy plan which promotes healing of the underlying cause of pain.

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