First-Half 2019 CPA Exam Results Make the Value of Effective Preparation Clear

Sun May 24, 2020 - 7:30am GMT+0000

Every hopeful CPA will need to study for the CPA Exam, but choice of review course is always important as well, MDS CPA Review reports

May 24, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Everyone who wishes to become a licensed CPA in the United States has to pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA Exam), but somewhere around half of all test-takers fail with each administration. In 2019 so far, according to the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the group that creates and administers the test, cumulative pass rates for the comprehensive exam’s four sections range from 46.97 to 58.93 percent.

Last year was an especially successful one for would-be CPAs, with the overall pass rate clocking in at around five percent higher than that for 2017. Since each year’s CPA Exam “is scored and scaled so that scores are comparable across test forms and over time,” though, AICPA advises that such fluctuations simply reflect candidates being “better prepared” at certain times than others.

In fact, most experts recommend that candidates plan to spend hundreds of hours studying and taking practice tests before actually sitting for the CPA Exam. Naturally enough, choosing the best available way to prepare will always be helpful, as well.

There are dozens of online and offline preparation programs and courses available to hopeful CPAs, but some are more effective and helpful than others. As one of the most highly rated CPA Exam Prep of all, the MDS CPA Review is an especially comprehensive and advanced option.

Most CPA Exam courses, for example, include plenty of practice questions, and some even use incorrect answers to identify specific facts students need to absorb. The MDS CPA Exam Review course, however, goes much further in that its “advanced analytics software identifies unifying themes” of the missed questions. That makes students more likely to pass the CPA Exam, since they can spend more of their limited time studying their weakest subjects.

This highly personalized approach carries through to the rest of the MDS CPA Review course. Whereas many competing products are offered by large, faceless companies, MDS students receive personal help and support from the company’s owners, as well as instructors who wrote the course materials.

The MDS CPA Review course is also the only one available in the United States where a practicing CPA sits on the company’s management team. Whereas many other CPA Exam courses try to extract more money by withholding materials and charging hidden fees, MDS CPA Review students receive full access to a complete range of resources and personal support for two years for a single upfront price.

Most people who take the CPA Exam are busy professionals, particularly given that at least a year of real-world accounting experience is a prerequisite for licensing. Since the MDS CPA Review course is available in online, in-person, and 15-week “boot camp” forms, it is also especially accessible.

The CPA Exam is meant to be rigorous and comprehensive, in order to ensure that only those who are most qualified will be allowed to provide licensed accounting services to the public. With passing rates rarely rising much above 50 percent, no one who aims to become a CPA can afford to take the test anything but seriously.

While putting in plenty of hours of study and practice will help improve the odds of passing, so will choosing the most effective available means of preparing in the first place. Those who look into the options inevitably discover that some CPA Exam courses are much worthier of consideration than others.

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