Fairhaven Wealth Management Initiates Local Community Marketing & Awareness Campaign

Sat May 2, 2020 - 10:10am GMT+0000

The company is highlighting local businesses and community members by sharing videos that showcase their unique talents.

May 2, 2020

WHEATON, IL – Fairhaven Wealth Management, a Wheaton, IL-based financial planning and investment management firm, has been engaging and mobilizing its network of business partners, vendors, friends, and neighbors during these pressing times with a community marketing and awareness campaign entitled “Encourage-Educate-Entertain.™”

“Our goal is to put some positivity in the world, by highlighting local businesses and community members and sharing their unique talents,” says Fairhaven CEO and founder Marc Horner. “We cannot manufacture testing kits or PPE, but we can help spotlight some of our neighbors.”

After submitting short videos, the Fairhaven marketing team goes to work, polishing them up with the logo and contact information of the video star. They then share the finished videos on social media and via email. All for free!

The response has been overwhelming! So far, Fairhaven has received more than 50 submissions. Subjects include golf tips, creative food and cocktail recipes, at-home hairstyles, cake decorating tips, baseball coaching from a former major leaguer, and dance moves from one of the Fairhaven financial advisors.

Feedback on the growing library of videos includes, “Amazing… Fairhaven is a must-follow…some of the best stuff I’ve seen on LinkedIn…love your attitude and approach!”

The videos can be viewed at https://www.fairhavenwealth.com/videos.

“We are extremely pleased with the enthusiastic reaction we continue to receive, both from video submitters and from the growing fan base,” Marc says, “born as a positive response to challenging circumstances, our campaign of championing community might very well survive long after we’ve kicked corona-ass.”

Are you interested in contributing to our community by submitting a video? Send it to dwilson@fairhavenwealth.com.

About Fairhaven Wealth Management

Fairhaven Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, privately-owned investment and wealth management firm serving select families and small to mid-sized businesses. At Fairhaven, our commitment is simple – we exist to serve our clients … period. Our culture of service and accountability, combined with prudent risk management and tax efficiency are the cornerstones of our client commitment. Our commitment to doing what is best for our clients – financial and otherwise – remains unshaken. The “Encourage-Educate-Entertain.™” campaign has been the next evolution of the “Fairhaven Experience.”

For more information, contact Dave Wilson – dwilson@fairhavenw.com. Connect with Fairha-ven on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

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