Eco Lights Trading Launches LED Lights Business Website

Thu Dec 21, 2017 - 2:45am GMT+0000

London-based ECO Lights Trading offers an inventory of LED lighting products for businesses and homeowners. The company has been in operation since 2006 and involved in the pioneering of LED Lighting and the rapid growth of the LED market.

London UK – December 20, 2017

ECO Lights Trading and Tom Bray are pleased to announce that the company has an updated business and website dedicated to the sale of various LED light products. The LED flood lights which appear in the online catalogue are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wattage. Some of the LED floodlights come equipped Microwave PIR Sensors. There are also several choices in driverless lights.

Outdoor flood lights are utilized for security purposes, as well as for commercial lighting displays and sometimes in areas where there are night time sports events being held. Outdoor stages need flood lights to ensure that concert or rally guests can see the performers on the stage clearly. Indoors, LED spot lights can be used to light stage performers or performances in concerts. When the lights which are employed are LED type, the cost of lighting is significantly less than for more traditional lighting products.

Most customers tend to think of the lights in terms of the outdoor security factor. Evil-doers typically avoid frequenting commercial establishments where the outdoor space is brightly illuminated. Choosing the right lighting options can provide peace-of-mind to home and business owners. The lights can be selected to come on when the ambient light falls below a particular level. Lights can also be set on a particular time schedule. Other features which may enter into the choice of lighting include the operational cost and durability. Lighting options also are rated on the colour temperature and whether or not the light is dimmable.

ECO Lights Trading also carries a selection of light bulbs. Edison bulbs are available in several shapes, including round, test tube, cage smoked glass and squirrel cage. The shape and size of the filament and the type of screw fit into these products will affect the choice. Replacement bulbs and other designer bulbs can be picked for a particular look or function.

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