Discover the Difference When Purchasing a Vecaro Hoverboard

Wed Nov 8, 2017 - 3:00am GMT+0000

Vecaro Lifestyle sells the safest hoverboards on the market today.

November 7, 2017

Whether you are in the market for a new hoverboard or it is your first time buying, Vecaro Lifestyle Hoverboards are the logical choice.

Vecaro Lifestyle’s mission is to provide products that complement the connected lifestyle. One of the ways that Vecaro does this is by giving the customer a peace of mind at the time of purchase. Rider safety is first and foremost in the minds of the company when designing and selling hoverboards.

Vecaro Lifestyle sells only certified hoverboards. For the customer, this means that the chargers and battery packs on each and every hoverboard meets UL 2272 Certification. The hoverboard arrives to the customer with the certification hologram attached so that the customer can rest assured that their board is safe.

Along with being UL 2272 Certified, Vecaro Lifestyle hoverboards come standard with genuine Samsung 168650 battery packs. Each hoverboard comes with 20 Samsung cell batteries and certified charger. The battery packs provide two hours of ride time. When needing to be recharged, the batteries recharge quickly so that the rider can get back on their board as soon as possible.

Another great feature and selling point for Vecaro Lifestyle Hoverboards is the wheel stability. Unlike their competitors, Vecaro uses only AINiCo magnets in their hoverboards to provide the customer with increased stability when riding. The magnets must be at least three millimeters thick and are made primarily from aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. This combination increases the wheel stability because the magnets are tied directly to the control circuit board.
“I researched and compared the hoverboards from many companies prior to purchasing mine. I was impressed with the quality engineering and structure of the hoverboards from Vecaro Lifestyle. I purchased mine from them and have been more than satisfied with the workmanship. I would highly recommend Vecaro Lifestyle to anyone in the market for a hoverboard,” stated Marcus in a recent interview. Make sure to take advantage of the Black Friday hoverboard sale currently going on over at their website.

About Vecaro: Vecaro Lifestyle is home to the world’s safest and most popular hoverboards. Vecaro Lifestyle promises the highest quality hoverboards on the market, which are inspected and approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. All Vecaro hoverboards meet all certifications and UN 38.3 Safety Test Reports. In addition, Vecaro Lifestyle thrives on excellent customer service for all their products. For more information, please visit

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