Digital Adjustments All Businesses Need in the Post Coronavirus Era

Mon May 18, 2020 - 10:35am GMT+0000

As the post COVID-19 reality forces companies to digitalize their businesses, Maropost, the leading software company aimed at marketing and ecommerce, navigates its growing clientele to achieve personalized customer service.

May 18, 2020

As businesses are gradually opening up and things are going back to “normal”, some of us wonder if it will ever be the same again. While on a biological and medical level experts are still arguing about the outcome, businesses are irreversibly looking for ways to go online, and for many that will be the new normal going forth. According to this survey, over 70% of companies either already have digitalized their business or are planning to do so in the foreseeable future.

In fact, a study shows that eCommerce consumer sales have increased by 52% since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. So if there’s anything that’s staying with us after the granivorous pandemic is over–it’s online shopping. In the US alone, we’re expecting to have 282 million online buyers by 2024.

However, digital consumers shop differently – within a matter of clicks, one can view competitor’s prices, customer reviews and customer service. The competition online is aggressive and unforgiving to those who don’t follow the eCommerce trends.

Jay Miller of Maropost shared this example of what companies have to deal with in digital marketing, “A customer opens your summer sale email after the offer has expired — that’s annoying. Use dynamic content to change your call-to-action depending on when the recipient opens it. Remember, you’re playing on their turf, and you have to be relevant to individuals at scale.” Maropost is an award-winning software company helping B2C brands and retailers build their e-commerce and digital marketing. Among its top clients are world-renowned companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Hard Rock Inc., The New York Post, Wenner Media LLC, and many more.

As the online shopping market expands, software companies are challenged to accommodate new shopping experience attributes and customer engagement requirements, such as a simplified check-out process and cross-channel marketing. Considering that, Maropost management has decided to partner with Google Cloud Program and transplanted its infrastructure to GCP. This strategic shift, on one hand, has given them and their clients access to Google Cloud’s global framework and business data, while on the other hand has allowed estimating the needed resources to help customers maximize their retail efficiencies.

“We’re proud to become an official Google Cloud Partner as we also join Google Cloud Platform,” said Ross Andrew Paquette, Maropost founder and CEO. “Both events solidify Maropost’s commitment to simplifying customer engagement for our customers. Moving the suite of tools and services we use under one roof makes scalability and growth much easier for all involved.”

This Google Cloud case study reports that the new platform was able to decrease infrastructural cost by nearly 40%. It is also good news for international companies as the data clusters can be instantly deployed globally and maintained accurately according to the local authorities.

As these big improvements take place and minimize cost, Maropost is also introducing a new user interface on its own platform. In an official announcement, the company showcases new app features and a preview of the redesigned look.

In his personal blog post, Ross Paquette explains that the abundance of media outlets and technologies has businesses run for quantity, thinking wider presence brings more clients. Turns out that is not necessarily true. Going for numbers creates clutter and the communication appears incoherent. Whereas Maropost helps ensure that companies choose the right approach and target the advisable channels, which essentially leads to customer satisfaction and economic growth.
One of the key digital marketing tools today is cross-channel and omnichannel strategies. Both of those marketing approaches involve a variety of online channels that can share data with each other and use them to enhance personalized customer service. According to Forbes, 83% of consumers claim they prefer being able to switch channels when communicating with a brand.

During the coronavirus crisis, it has become clear that the easiest way for a business to deliver a message to their customer is to use the same online channels as they do. The new Maropost features help companies navigate in the pool of means and select the necessary ones. Overall, the goal is to make post-COVID-19 online shopping experience more comfortable and less stressful for everyone.

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