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Wed Mar 30, 2022 - 8:50am GMT+0000

– March 17, 2022

Demand for airprufiers has been increasing along with the spread of COVID 19.

Here we introduce Dadam Micro Inc.’s “puripot” series that received the “Technology Innovation Award” for two consecutive years at the CES, the largest global electronic products exhibition annually held in Las Vegas.

puripot converts pollutants to water and carbon dioxide using the Blue Light PCO technology which keeps users safe from ozone and UV rays.

Hydroxyl Radical(OH,) generated by TiO2 photocatalysts and safe visible light (460nm,) eliminates the various types of germs, viruses, odors, and fungi.

The photocatalytic filter can be used semi-permanently, reducing maintenance cost on filter replacement.

This distinguishes the puripot from other products mounted with a dust-collecting HEPA filter that needs to be replaced on a regular basis.

In addition to performance tests against germs, viruses, odors, and fungi, a recent test conducted by the Korea Zoonosis Research Institute, Jeonbuk National Universityshowed a 99% sterilization rate against the COVID19 virus.

puripot has unique and charming design with an intuitive control system with the utmost focus on being simple and user-friendly.

Its designated app allows its user to control the device and check the temperature, humidity, and Puriopot Air Quality Index(PAQI) in real time.

Dadam Micro Inc. endeavors to make effective but yet safe products to improve indoor air quality that we are exposed to all year around. Dadam Micro Inc. continues to develop new products and makes improvements to even little details, listening to the voice of the customer in order to become a leading brand in the airpurifier market.

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