Deep Freeze 8.51 – Reboot to Restore Software for Windows and Mac System Now Released

Wed Nov 8, 2017 - 11:30am GMT+0000

Faronics is pleased to announce the release of latest update, version 8.51. Deep Freeze instantly restores Mac and Windows OS to their pristine configuration state.

November 8, 2017

Faronics is pleased to announce the release of latest update to Deep Freeze Enterprise – version 8.51. Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.51 resolves an issue where ThawSpaces were randomly deleted while upgrading to Deep Freeze Enterprise version 8.50.

Deep Freeze is one of the core product offerings by Faronics. With it’s patented Reboot to Restore technology, Deep Freeze helps in reducing IT tickets by preserving desired computer configurations. It is the ultimate workstation protection and recovery software that offers comprehensive system restore capabilities. Deep freeze creates a ‘frozen’ snapshot of the desired baseline setting and restores the system to that predefined state, as configured by the administrator, with each reboot. Be it a single computer or multiple workstations connected over a server, Deep Freeze offers instant system recovery solutions for all. It ensures higher productivity at workplaces and reduced  IT support tickets. Deep Freeze is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, making it the most comprehensive system restore solution available in the market.

How Deep Freeze works with different operating systems ?

Restore Windows with Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze’s Reboot to Restore technology runs on all latest versions of Windows. It offers unique and prompt system recovery solutions to Windows users by helping them to roll back their PCs to the pre-defined system configuration during a system failure. It not only eradicates the requirement of using complicated system restore methods, such as software reinstalling and re-imaging, but also prevents system degradation. Thus, Windows users can easily do away with unnecessary temporary file clutter and data fragmentation, which prevents sudden instances of system slowdown. As a time machine for windows Deep Freeze’s also makes Windows system immune from software misconfigurations, thus ensuring increased OS speed and efficiency.

Restores Mac OS with Deep Freeze

With its Reboot to Restore technology and a set of powerful system restore features, Deep Freeze supports various latest versions of Mac Os X. It eliminates the requirement of saving multiple snapshots to store the necessary files, settings and applications, and offers Deep Freeze Remote Control to Mac users for its easy deployment and management through Apple Remote Desktop (ARD). With Deep freeze installer, Mac users can install pre-configured tasks on ARD to manage Deep Freeze directly and efficiently, and perform various actions like Wake, Restart and Shutdown through Deep Freeze Remote. Thus, Deep Freeze for Mac acts as the ultimate Mac OS X protection which leverages ARD and allows IT admins and users to efficiently run their system processes without any restriction.

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Benefits of Deep Freeze’s Reboot to Restore Technology

The Reboot to Restore technology of Deep Freeze renders complete workstation protection and availability for all types of workstations. The benefits of this market-leading Mac and Windows restore software by Faronics are manifold, some of which are highlighted below:

Optimal System Recovery: By leveraging Reboot to Restore technology, Deep Freeze by Faronics offers easy solutions to complex system configuration problems, thus making the system restore process hassle-free and user-friendly.

Advanced Endpoint Management: Deep freeze helps IT administrators strengthen endpoint management against external threats. It has the capability to reverse any malicious changes providing protection against zero-day threats and sudden malware attacks on each reboot.

Preventing Configurational drifts:  Deep Freeze prevents both Windows and Mac systems against deviations from the predefined baseline configuration. Thus, it ensures that the systems return to their pristine state with each reboot.

Complete Workstation Recovery: Deep Freeze can easily reverse all unauthorized changes from the system by restoring it back to the desired baseline setting on reboot, thus offering better and optimal workstation recovery. Deep Freeze is also the most preferred windows steady state alternative for  system recovery since it’s discontinuation.

Ensuring Better System functionality: Deep Freeze provides support to multi-boot environments and provides easy options to automate system updates in both Windows and Mac systems, which warrants seamless system functionality and 24*7 system uptime.


Impact of Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore Technology

Deep Freeze  significantly extends workstation lifecycle by offering simple-yet-effective solutions for optimal system recovery. It has drastically changed the IT world’s approach towards system related issues. With its robust Reboot to Restore technology, this compelling Faronics product makes troubleshooting of unwanted system configuration changes an easy and hassle-free task. Deep Freeze is the most preferred system restore solution for IT professionals. It allows users to roll back their personal computers on reboot without depending on IT department and getting into long IT ticket resolution cycles. It also helps in managing multi-user environments with complex network of computer systems, such as public libraries, schools and training institutes through its centralized console.

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