Crypto Holdem Is The First NFT Project To Gamify No-Limit Texas Holdem

Wed Mar 30, 2022 - 8:00am GMT+0000

Reno,United States – March 17, 2022

Crypto Holdem releases a new and innovative non-fungible token (NFT) that gives access to a Web3 Poker Club like no other. There are 1,326 starting hands in No-Limit Texas Holdem and the team multiplied that by 7 decks of cards to come up with a total supply of 9,282 tokens. Owning one of the NFTs provides the owner with 3 Key Pilers:

· Access

· Prizes

· Education


The Crypto Holdem Team aims to provide their holders with Access to the Poker and NFT worlds like never before. They have a poker meet-up planned in Las Vegas at the end of the month and they are holding a “Crypto Holdem Poker Bash” centered around the World Series of Poker Main Event in Los Angeles in July, 2022. Additionally, Crypto Holdem holders will be able to attend large scale “Holder Meet-Ups” at NFT events like the ones tentatively planned for NFT LA and NFT NYC.


· Over $115,000 (ETH) in Reveal Day Giveaways (all still available)

o 1:1 Diamond Hands NFT = $50,000 (ETH)

o 9- Final Table NFTs = $7,500 (ETH) each

· $25,000 (ETH) Monthly Board Reveals

o The NFT will be used as the owners “starting hand” in a real-world poker board run out. Holdem Holders will be able to use their NFT to go up against other holders and win the massive prize pool.

o Crypto Holdem also applied “purchasing windows” when anyone can search OpenSea for the potential winning hand

· $5,000 (ETH) Monthly Poker Tournaments

o Compete against other Crypto Holdem Holders for NFTs and other really cool prizes, including entries into World Series of Poker and other professional poker events.

· World Series of Poker Main Event

o 1 Crypto Holdem Holder will win an all-expenses paid trip to the World Series of Poker Main Event (airfare, hotel and $10K entry fee)

o 1 Crypto Holdem Holder will win an all-expenses paid entry into the “Online” World Series of Poker Main Event


Crypto Holdem is providing its holders with a Masterclass Subscription where they can learn how to become better poker players from poker professionals like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu. Additionally, Crypto Holdem brought on poker professionals to answer questions in the Discord and go over NFT and Poker education with all the holders.

To secure a Crypto Holdem NFT visit the website:

To learn more about the project visit their Discord Channel:


· Crypto Holdem announces New Professional Poker Ambassadors Jaime Longoria and Danny Allen

· ALL 10 Rare Final Table NFTs totaling over $115,000 (ETH) are still available

· Crypto Holdem announces their will implement $25,000 (ETH) Gameplay aspect at 1,000 mints (currently at 712)

· Crypto Holdem conducts its first Crypto Holdem Board Reveal for 1 ETH and the community goes insane!

· Crypto Holdem started poker qualifiers for their World Series of Poker Main Event seats

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To learn more about the project visit their Discord Channel:

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Cameron
Email: Send Email
Organization: Crypto Holdem LLC
Address: 401 Ryland St. STE 200-A, Reno, Nevada 89502, United States

Source: PressCable

Release ID: 89070796