Companies With Better Resources In Singapore Extending Help To Others To Overcome Current Challenges

Fri May 29, 2020 - 2:30pm GMT+0000

Current pandemic gave rise to many patriotic people and companies with better resources in Singapore to provide a helping hand to their comrades.

May 29, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

More than 13,000 businesses in Singapore have wound up operations since the island nation reported its first case of Covid-19. Sadly, the signs are showing that there may be more casualties ahead.

The worst-hit reported were traditional businesses such as retail and food and beverage outlets. This came as no surprise as social distancing and “circuit breaker” measures meant severe disruptions to how these businesses used to operate.

Most of these traditional businesses that used to rely mainly on physical, offline patronage for trade are starting to realise the importance of having a prominent online presence as an alternative sales channel. With on-going overheads like rental and manpower wages, the ability to draw in sales through other ways available and possible may be the deciding factor on survival rate. But to accomplish this quickly has also proven a considerable challenge for many of these businesses with already strained resources.

The idea of transitioning a business from offline to online for a traditional business owner can be daunting with seemingly endless considerations like domain names, chosen platforms, social media management, customer engagement portal, payment gateways, and more.

Fortunately, this pandemic also gave rise to many patriotic people and companies with better resources to provide a helping hand to their comrades. Many are stepping up to help and assist others through their field of expertise as part of the Singapore United initiative to unite as a nation, support local businesses, and save jobs.

A local example is Pinnacle Creative Agency, which is currently helping many traditional businesses in Singapore transition to the online space. Drawing from its arsenal of expertise and successful experiences, such as media production, web development, and social media management, Pinnacle Creative Agency is essentially assuming the “headaches” from these businesses to establish an online presence and set up an alternative sales channel fast. They are hoping that by doing so will allow these same businesses to focus on their core businesses and reduce the number of business casualties caused by the pandemic.

Most notably is how Pinnacle Creative Agency is leveraging the latest in advertising technology (AdTech) on an advertising dollar sharing platform called V-MORE to carry out their “rescue plan” systematically and very quickly to benefit as many as possible. With V-MORE’s AdTech, they are helping traditional businesses increase their online advertising outreach while sifting out ad fraud and bot activities that cause wasted resources. The lower cost, as well as better efficiency compared to many mainstream platforms, were also factors they considered to benefit traditional businesses better.

While the current fight with the virus is far from over, it is heart-warming to witness many with better resources graciously extending helping hands to others to overcome over current challenges and survive in the “new normal” world.

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