Child Custody Cases Are More Difficult During the Holidays

Fri Nov 15, 2019 - 11:00am GMT+0000

Children suffer the most when mom and dad are battling it out in court.

November 15, 2019

11/13/19 – When most people think of the holidays, they consider families enjoying a good meal together, opening presents, and simply making memories. For many children, the holidays are all about battles in court. Going through a divorce is never easy, but it can be especially arduous during the holidays, a time that is traditionally about family.

Custody battles are launched on a daily basis and they can be heart-wrenching for everyone involved. Without legal assistance, these battles can sometimes carry on for months on end, leading to an exhaustive process where nobody wins. With an ever-changing Child custody law platform in the state of Oklahoma, it can be difficult for parents to know how to start the process of fighting for their parental rights.

As of 2016, the divorce rates in the United States have been steadily decreasing, with the rate now hovering around 6.8 out of every thousand married couples. Even with the declines, the United States has the sixth highest divorce rate in the world.

Meeting with an attorney is a wise decision when the divorce process is even considered since Divorce and child custody seem to go hand in hand. A consultation can reveal important information that will help a person make decisions in the process of seeking custody of their child. When someone attempts to go through the process without legal help, they will often make decisions based on emotions rather than facts.

Even a simple custody battle can escalate quickly which is why it is important to have representation from an attorney. Many people mistakenly believe hiring a lawyer pushes them into a greater legal battle, but this is not entirely true. Often, couples can work out their disagreements with mediation meetings held between themselves and their lawyers.

Law experts agree there are some things parents can do when going through a divorce and one of them is to involve the children as little as possible. Children do not need to know the ins and outs of a divorce, and they should not hear one parent speaking ill of the other. For the sake of the children, it is important couples work together and attempt a rational discussion on what is best for their children.

Children can suffer psychological harm when they are forced to endure custody battles where heated arguments become the norm between their parents. This is why it is important individuals seek legal guidance before they even start the battle, if at all possible. The ultimate goal of both parents should be to do what is best for the child, despite their own feelings or wishes.

While it is possible to file for child custody without the help of an attorney, legal experts advise against it. Those who represent themselves, even though they are legally entitled to do so, often face an uphill battle and find themselves in over their heads in a short amount of time. When in doubt, it never hurts to seek help from an attorney who is committed to protecting the rights of their client.

Child custody cases in the state of Oklahoma require legal guidance so individuals do not make decisions they later regret. Children will also have a lawyer working on their behalf to protect their rights and pursue the child’s best interest throughout the custody battle.

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