Charcoal/GHG Emission Reduction – Smokestack Liquefaction Technology Launched

Tue Mar 22, 2022 - 12:48pm GMT+0000

Wilmington,United States – March 16, 2022

Known as Pollution Reduction as a Service (PRaaS), the new solution can be deployed across a range of industrial operations, including charcoal production, electricity production, heavy industry, and more. Equipment is connected to smokestacks, and the resultant liquefied gas can be resold for other uses.

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Growing concerns about climate change and global warming are leading to innovations in greenhouse emission reduction, and the launch of Klir Sky is a shining example. Its PRaaS solution not only helps industrial clients reach net-zero emissions but can also increase profits.

By 2030, the USA has committed to reducing its economy-wide net greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52%, when compared to 2005 levels. Understandably, known emitters such as charcoal producers, electricity manufacturers, and heavy industry are key to achieving those goals.

With the creation of Klir Sky Inc., those sectors now have access to a viable solution. The company has global exclusive rights to the Gas Processing and Liquefaction System (GPLS) being deployed for this purpose. For industrial operations, it provides a means to achieve possible net-zero emissions as well as claiming carbon credits.

In the first instance, PRaaS involves the connection of equipment to smokestacks, which then scrubs and splits GHG emissions into their component parts. The split gases are then liquefied into a pure form and can be sold for other purposes such as fuel for transportation.

About Supernova Energy Inc

As an oil and gas exploration and production company, Supernova Energy is acutely aware of its role in reducing national greenhouse gas emissions. The recent formation of Klir Sky demonstrates the organization’s innovation in this space, as well as its commitment to corporate environmental responsibility.

Mr. Nicholas Upchurch, CEO of Supernova Energy, Inc. and visionary founder of Klir, comments: “We are developing a revolutionary Pollution Reduction as a Service (PRaaS) that allows us to help known emitters of greenhouse gases lower their carbon footprint by destroying thousands of tons of emissions. We are committed to using our PRaaS to be a solution to the world’s GHG emissions problem.”

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