Canberra Vet Best Dog & Cat Surgery Australia Examination Service Announced

Tue Nov 28, 2017 - 7:15am GMT+0000

A specialist Canberra vet has announced it can help local patients with the best vet care for cats, dogs and other pets in the local area. Manuka Vet Hospital prides itself on its high level of care and attention for both customers and their pets.

Griffith, Australia – November 28, 2017

Manuka Vet Hospital, a specialist Canberra vet, has announced it can provide expert care for cats, dogs and other pets in the local area. It has been committed to the care of animals since its establishment in 1987, when it was launched by Dr Graeme Pearce. Now it provides a high standard of medical and surgical care as well as excellent customer service.

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Now the practice is run by Dr Michael Archinal, and has an expert team of staff who are animal and pet lovers themselves. The team knows how important pets can be to their customers, and the highly trained Canberra vets provide their care for a wide range of species.

In addition to this, the Canberra veterinarians strive to treat their customers with the highest levels of care and attention. It’s important for both the pet and its owners to be as happy as they can be.

A full list of Canberra vet services is provided on the Manuka Vet Hospital website, and includes expert pet examination, dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations, microchipping, heartworm prevention, worming and flea prevention, pain management, dermatology, and specialist referrals.

In addition to this, customers can get nutritional advice, specialises foods, and pet accessories, including grooming kits, toys, and treatment kits.

The Canberra vet can also arrange home visits, so that customers can get their pets the treatment they need in the comfort of their own home. If anyone is unable to make it to the clinic, a vet and a nurse can come out to see the pet and administer treatment as required.

When pets become ill, owners often don’t know what to do, and it can be a stressful time for both them and their furry friends. It’s at times like this when it’s important to find the best Canberra vet and get in touch for expert guidance.

Manuka Vet Hospital provides comprehensive examinations with a focus on the area of concern, and can offer extended consultation where required.

Full details of the services the Canberra vet can provide are available on the URL above.

Contact Info:
Name: Dr Michael Archinal
Organization: Manuka Veterinary Hospital
Address: 85 Flinders Way, Griffith, ACT 2603, Australia
Phone: +61-2-6295-6089