Butterfly Finance talks about DeFi and presents the BFLY app that simplifies investing in farming-projects

Tue Apr 5, 2022 - 6:00am GMT+0000

Germany – March 23, 2022

Through the BFLY app, an automated all-in-one app, Butterfly Finance is making it possible for people to understand Decentralized Finance and invest in farming projects with no risk of losing money.

The financial industry has encountered various challenges that have been limiting, keeping people from exploring new opportunities. The decentralization of financial services through DeFi helps solve these issues. Human error has been at the hem of the financial challenges, but with automation, it is easier to secure and audit financial transactions. The world is deeply embedded in the internet era, and DeFi is bringing a revolution to the door of financial services.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) infrastructure is increasingly growing in popularity but is still quite complex for most people to figure out. Without prior knowledge of how it works, most people have neglected this cutting-edge new financial ecosystem. Butterfly Finance is on a mission to ensure that people understand DeFi. By introducing its automated all-in-one BFLY app, Butterfly Finance makes it possible for investments in farming projects to be risk-free. The app gives people an overview of how safe and profitable their cryptocurrencies are. “In addition, the app will include an NFT trading & auction platform, as well as an educational platform where all these topics will be explained in professional videos.”

Despite being a seamless solution to many of the financial challenges, getting around DeFi hasn’t been easy for most. The benefits are very attractive, but there’s still a lot of education needed to help people understand the new financial ecosystem. Butterfly Finance is dedicated to ensuring that people can get a 360-degree view of their investment, identifying possible risks, and avoiding them. The app features tools to help people achieve this.

BFLY app has a specially developed calculation formula that helps weigh the safety and return on farming projects and scores them on a good or bad scale. The BFLY app also helps users automatically invest in cryptocurrencies based on previously set safety and return settings, allows for automatic compounding, and more benefits based on a user’s set requirements and settings. The app also grants full automation at higher tiers that users can unlock using BFLY tokens and will act as a crypto wallet for people to store their cryptocurrencies and NFTs safely. “The safety of the app and in-app functions is guaranteed by the fact that the app and all the features it contains are audited by 3 different companies.”

In addition to breaking down DeFi and providing the BFLY app, Butterfly Finance also presents the BFLY token that is available on presale on the pinksale.finance launchpad protocol. The BFLY token helps people unlock tiers on the Butterfly Finance app for more features and higher APY in farming projects. It also facilitates the purchase and sale of NFTs on the BFLY NFT exchange, helps generate passive income through BFLY farming projects, and allows for fast and affordable transactions. The token always reflects the BFLY market value.

Through the Butterfly Finance website, it is possible for people to learn more about the BFLY token, the in-app capabilities of the BFLY app, and how DeFi is redefining financial services.

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