Bradenton FL Bioidentical Natural Hormone Replacement Pellet Treatment Launched

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 3:00am GMT+0000

Bradenton,United States – March 18, 2022

The Bradenton clinic’s newest treatment serves as an alternative to traditional chemical hormone replacement therapies, using pellets made from wild yams and soy that have high natural concentrations of testosterone and estradiol.

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With this latest announcement, the center’s founder Dr. Zamikoff is offering patients an all-natural treatment for low hormone levels, with no severe side effects.

BioTE is a bio-identical form of hormone therapy that involves inserting pellets into the fat under the skin of the hip. This involves making a small incision, however, no stitches are needed. Although the pellets are made from yams and soy, they contain no part of the crop so associated allergens are not an issue.

Symptoms of low hormone levels that can be treated with BioTE therapy include lethargy, low libido, anxiety, depression, night sweats, and sleeplessness. By using hormone replacement, patients can also help to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, various forms of cancer, and heart disease.

To determine a candidate’s need for BioTE, doctors will schedule a blood test to measure hormone levels in the body. If they are low, patients can make an appointment for pellet insertion at Natural Healing Arts Medical Center. Four to eight weeks after treatment, another blood test will determine the success of the therapy.

While standard chemical hormone therapies need to be administered every day, BioTE treatments are a more convenient option as the process only needs to be repeated every three to six months. This depends on a person’s activity level, stress, and body temperature.

The ingredients within the pellets and the process of making them are FDA approved and regulated by the State Pharmacy Board. The distribution of the pellets is also regulated by the DEA.

Dr. Zamikoff is a certified practitioner and is recognized as one of America’s Best Chiropractors by the National Consumer Board. He has been serving the Florida community for over 22 years and has treated many people with BioTE with great success.

He states that “the insertion procedure for the BioTE pellets is both quick and painless. Once in place, you will begin to see the impact of the testosterone as it is absorbed by your body.”

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