BlueChili Announces Startups Invited To Join SEA Based Health Tech Accelerator Program

Tue Oct 1, 2019 - 7:09am GMT+0000

01/10/2019 – BlueChilli, an Australia based accelerator has partnered up with Enterprise Singapore, an economic agency under the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry last May to launch a health tech accelerator program targeting the emerging Southeast Asian health tech sector.

The accelerator has announced the 4 startups compromising of 10 aspiring entrepreuners that has been invited to join this program.

Namely Safe Space, a startup targeting mental health issues and backed by a mobile-first, AI solution that is online 24/7. Malaysia based Advanx Health that focused on preventive health and personalized care based on DNA profile. Xenomites which is committed to reducing dust mite colonies and the last one in the current list being Reemedy an online B2B medical supply marketplace.

The startups were all handpicked by the accelerator’s team of experts guided by a panel of industry veterans including Audrey Lok, the Deputy Director from Enterprise Singapore and Miguel Rivera from multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Startups were judged based on how well the founders can advance their ideas to contribute to the health tech scene in Southeast Asia, and also if he or she is fit for the program in terms of realizing their startups’ potential and making waves in the industry.

“The impressive caliber of passionate and impact-driven founders invited to join our program speaks to the great promise in the entrepreneurial talents of South-east Asia,” Seow Hui Hong, program director of BlueChilli, was quoted by BusinessTimes.

She added, “South-east Asia is only just beginning to realize its potential for health innovation. We are excited to welcome the first startups from the region into the BlueChilli family and are committed to continue growing the program and our investment in the region’s potential.”

Startups invited to join the accelerator will be given access to BlueChili’s venture studio. Where they can receive help in advancing their products, and rapidly scaling their customer base among others.

The chosen startups will be presenting a pitch to potential investors during an Investor Showcase planned to be held on January 2020.

The article has been updated with a correction on the number of startups announced.