At REimagine! YouVR Teaches Real Estate Professionals that Closing a Sale is Just the Beginning

Sat Oct 13, 2018 - 11:15am UTC

The YouVR system brings an affordable solution of 360 technology to real estate- empowering agents to easily create images and share their 360 tours on a free lead generating website for just a fraction of the cost and effort of any other competitor.

Long Beach, California – October 13, 2018

// REimagine! – At REimagine!, YouVR taught professional realtors about a new wholistic approach to capturing, sharing and growing their listings. YouVR for real estate is all about helping realtors become the best in their industry by giving them easy to use innovation at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Today, it is simply not enough to have good technology if it is not easy to use and seamlessly wired into an existing platform.

YouVRs integrated hardware and software solution empowers agents to bring the full punch of their listings in an extremely easy and simple way, resulting in measurable growth in listings, buyers and leads. What sets this technology apart isn’t just the amazing security of its cloud or the team behind it. It is that all of the agent’s data and 360 tours can be packaged into a beautifully personalized lead generating website for free, essentially bringing to spotlight the agents full portfolio- up front and center.

“I am really impressed with the way YouVR understands us and the real estate industry at large. I feel very fortunate and excited to give my clients an experience they can’t find anywhere else with this 360 VR solution,” said Anthony Wright, a realtor of downtown LA.

With over 60% of home buyers indicating that they prefer 360 tours as the way to view property online, the only barrier to this point has been about costs and access. Bridging this gap is YouVR’s integrated hardware & software solution making capturing in 360 an easy and streamlined process at an incredible price point.

“What a great opportunity it was to introduce YouVR to real estate agents, brokers and associations at the CAR’s (California Association of Realtors) REimagine! conference and to see the passion other agents shared for YouVRs solutions in increasing their sales. It was encouraging for us and I know we’ve made some lasting impressions here.” said Ian, a real estate agent and a partner of YouVR.

In the following weeks, YouVR will partake in the National Realtors Association’s Annual Conference in Boston as well as a series of international expos to realize the vision of making VR available to everybody.

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YouVR Inc. is a global property technology (prop-tech) start-up that provides VR solution and platform for space. Established in 2017, YouVR Inc. aims to democratize VR and empower everyone to create and share professional VR tours.
VR solutions include VR tour, Lead Generating Website, 2D floor plan, AR Furniture and 3D dollhouse creation from 360-degree images.

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