AceMapAI Announced Its Milestone in the Field of AI Pharmaceuticals

Wed Mar 30, 2022 - 11:42am GMT+0000

Suzhou, China – March 17, 2022

Recently, the AceMapAI announced its milestone in the field of AI pharmaceuticals: using the independently developed AceMap Protein Design Platform, it completed the world’s first completely AI-driven optimization of L-Asparaginase drugs within two months, and made the drug successfully entering the preclinical research stage. This L-Asparaginase drug for injection is the own pipeline research and development product of the AceMapAI . Through AI empowering drug research and development, the AceMapAI has achieved a historic breakthrough in drug research and development.

Optimizing L-Asparaginase drugs driven by AI is undoubtedly great news for patients with lymphocytic leukemia around the world. The drug product data show that at present, there is only one L-Asparaginase drug product in the world, which is manufactured by RYLAZE of JAZZ Company listed in the United States, this drug is produced by using pseudomonuclear cell and asparaginase gene of Erwinia as the expression host and gene, AceMapAI uses coliform bacteriai, and asparaginase gene from coliform bacteria as the expression host and gene, which is different from the host and genes used by RYLAZE and four Chinese enterprises at present.

The L-Asparaginase expression system and genes in the AceMapAI have been optimized by AceMap Protein Design Platform, the asparaginase yield per unit volume is higher and the purity is higher, and the host bacterial protein and DNA residues meet or exceed the requirements of the current pharmacopoeia standards, so the safety will be more advantageous and the cost of drugs will be lower. Medical scientists have reason to believe that the emergence of L-Asparaginase drug for injection in the AceMapAI pipeline will bring hope for the effective treatment of lymphoid leukemia patients around the world.

 In 2021, The AceMapAI was registered in Suzhou and is committed to using the world’s leading AI technology to promote new drug research and development for the benefit of human health.

The core advantages of the AceMap Protein Design Platform are the ability to optimize the structure of macromolecules such as proteins, peptides and enzymes required by customers, the ability to evaluate the docking of macromolecules based on artificial intelligence methods, and the ability to recombine and express macromolecules based on specific functional requirements.

Through the independently developed the AceMap Protein Design Platform , the AceMapAI has completed the world’s first AI-driven optimization of L-Asparaginase, which proves once again that AI is a powerful tool for drug research and development. By using AI in as many steps as possible in the drug discovery process, the time and cost of developing effective treatments can be greatly reduced.

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